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helping to usher music into the next digital age


We are a music company with a tech team,
not the other way around.

With extensive expertise in the music industry, we understand the challenges and problems you face, because we face them too. Our team is already researching, building, and testing a number of solutions to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for you to get paid and rewarded for your music!

Whether you’re a performing artist or writer, a label or publisher, a manager or promoter, or just interested in music and how blockchain technology is likely to change everything; we are here to help educate, test, and develop solutions with you.



Helping navigate the rapidly changing music industry

Clarifying music rights, registrations, & the flow of music revenues

Providing access to global artist services


Insights for your business and the music industry

Positioning you to take advantage of blockchain technology

Building your release strategy and navigating the global music market


Educating about blockchain and its use cases

Giving you insights and turning your ideas into reality

Developing real world projects


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An events management platform that gives control and clarity to event creators and security to fans.

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Generating instantaneous royalty reporting, from Spotify to the Artist, and everyone in between, at the same time.

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"Air Miles for Artists". A fun way to reward artists based on actual fan engagement, not based on the streaming provider, or their contract split. Tradeable, collectable, and valuable.


Membran Labs was born from the Membran Group of Companies, out of a mutual concern for the current state of the music industry, and an interest in the latest technologies that show promise to help solve some of the most important problems.