Hyperstate is a system for generating royalty
statements to multiple parties within long value
chains, efficiently, and quickly.


[ Imagine you're an artist ]

You, and other artists, have to wait for your label to provide you with an excel file or statement about all your streams and what they owe you. But they also have to wait to receive an xml or csv file from their distributor, and the distributor probably has to wait for a txt file from Apple music and Spotify. Maybe there was someone else in between, an aggregator, or another label partner. Each of these steps takes a month, maybe more, and each introduces room for error.

What if the distributor could simply import the file from Spotify, and the labels, aggregators, distributors and you, the Artist, all get statements with all the fees already calculated, all at once, immediately.

That's Hyperstate.


  • Because nobody should have to wait 6 months from the time their music is played, to the time they get paid.

  • Because we shouldn't need to import and export multiple file types multiple times, just to get the same answer.

  • Because there are too many mistakes, mismatches, and lost payments to artists.





Get Paid Faster

Hyperstate is designed to process royalties in one step, no matter how many people are in between the artist and the listener, ensuring arists get paid faster and reducing costs for everyone involved.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Hyperstate is built on Hyperledger fabric, a permissioned blockchain technology that allows us to build contractual royalty fees into a digital system, link these contracts together across the entire value chain, and maintain privacy and confidentiality for everyone at the same time.

Private Transactions

Because the system is decentralized, there is no central person or company that needs to be trusted to keep data private and secure, only the technology itself which anyone can check, test, and audit freely to ensure complete security.